This is a compilation of the #DayZTips series, updated and reworked for 1.10 PC Stable Build. The main intention behind them is to help new players along their learning curve with the game.

Special thanks to Skigoggles (AKA Helpthedeadwalk) and Raxto for helping with this guide, the support and diffusion of these Tips. Also, feel free to use, share and/or translate any of the images. Contact me vía twitter (AsmondianA) /reddit (Asmondian) /steam (Asmondian) to get the PSDs if you need it. The only condition is to not monetize this content. This belongs to the DayZ Community.

Where should I play? At this point I can safely say that definitely on Community Servers. The presence of admins, communities and of course mods makes them the best option. From there, the choice is yours.

My advice for a new player would be to pick a populated server, vanilla or slightly modded. Preferably 1PP with hardcore concept. Learn the basics there and then you'll probably have a better criteria to filter the servers according to their mods, communities, rules and more.

How to play on modded servers?

- Open DayZ on Steam, and launch DayZ.

- Go to Servers, Community Tab and look for a server.

- Hit "Join" and then "Setup DLCS and mods and join".

- The launcher will automatically subscribe you to the mods you need.

Info about Spawn Points: If you are play on official servers, the character database is shared in a hive. If you change servers you will "spawn" with all your gear in a "server hop spawn point" that is just a little bit inland than the regular spawn points.

Example: If you play on DayZ Public 1PP FL 001 and you jump to DayZ Public 1PP FL 002, your character and gear will remain the same, but you will be teleported to some spawn point close to the coast, even if you were up north.

These are the basic DayZ controls. Of course there are tons of other things that you should learn (like inventory management and quick tips and tricks), but this will provide you a rough idea of the basic mechanics of the game.

Before 1.10, a full grey apple and bottle only meant that you had +4% and +24% of your total reserves respectively. Luckily that was modified with 1.10 and the max. reserves decreased, so now they represent 53% and 48% of your total reserves.

These are the elements that you may find in your screen, how they work and how they interact with each other. Make sure to understand each one of them.

[*] Soft skills: Performing certain actions repeatedly will increase your efficiency with respect to them. For example: Chopping down several trees will give you 3 wooden logs instead of 2 if your rough soft skill is high enough). Sadly, passive skills are not properly working as 1.10 goes.

Background Artwork credit:

[*] Izurvive Chernarus Map:

[*] Izurvive Livonia Map:

All of the DayZ signs are written in Cyrillic because of the location of the game. By using an online map exact translation of the city you are in.

If you can, even when its quite difficult, I highly recommend you trying to play without any outside tool. There is also an in-game map that you can loot around. Be aware that it will show you the terrain/locations and some markers but will not call out your specific location.

Some of the more basic places to look for supplies (mainly food) when you start fresh. Always check the wrecked boats along the coast for canned food and sodas, the bus stations and the greenhouses for food supplies. Experience will tell you where you should look first, avoiding having to check every single building.

Besides the basic ways to find food, there are some other more elaborated ways to do it. Infected do have loot in them as well as other players. Hunting small and big animals is also a huge resource to get the energy you need. Fishing is probably the most OP method for food right now. Finally farming, while entertaining, it is not very efficient as it offers too little energy and too many resources (and time) are invested in it.

This is a very common mistake that ends the life of many new players. After skinning and quartering a Chicken, they cook its breast and eat it with their bloody hands. This gives them Salmonella and they end up vomiting everything they ate and drank, dying as a result within a few minutes. Always use gloves to avoid this or wash your hands in any water pump, at sea or even using a bottle or canteen after you skin and quarter an animal or another player.

Background Artwork Credit: @_simonvic_

Basic craftings recipies:

Perhaps the most important of the list is the Hand Drill kit with which you can light fires and bonfires. This is probably one of the fundamental elements of survival in the absence of matches, lighter or even road flares. Just get bark from a big tree (you will need a knife for that) and combine it with a short stick (from bushes).

Background Artwork Credit: @ThatTwitchLad |

Secondary crafting recipes.

[*] Note 1: You can only craft the Fur Backpack with Boars pelt. It won´t work with any other animal pelt.

[*] Note 2: The gas canisters have three different sizes: small, medium, large.

Background Artwork Credit: @ThatTwitchLad |

Advanced crafting recipes.

[*] Note: In the current build (1.10) you can´t craft the spear by any mean. Has been disabled for some reason (Probably so that it is not a very OP element in the destruction of base building walls because of its ease of crafting).

[*] Note: To craft the full set of a ghillie suit, you will have to craft each individual recipes to get it: Ghillie Suit + Ghillie Hood + Ghillie Rifle Wrap.

A knife will allow you to survive the rain and the cold, be able to hunt and prepare your food, be able to build everything necessary for fishing, among other utilities. Along with finding a safe source of water, finding a knife is perhaps your second highest priority in the game when you are a fresh spawn.

This is an updated 1.10 chart of the types of ammunition, magazines and weapons so that you can easily identify which weapon corresponds to which ammunition or magazine you find. Remember that these are all the weapons of the Vanilla 1.10 version (not modded).

Background Artwork Credit: @BubsonHD |

To achieve quality interactions in DayZ there has to be a common goal, a reason, something that benefits or interests both. Otherwise KOS (Kill on sight) is almost inevitable because there's just no other advantage over killing you and taking all your stuff (or just to avoid having a bambi nearby in the same city).

Always find a reason to interact and ask yourself why the other player might want to interact with you. If you find that there isn't one, then just make one up and start from there.

BASE BUILDING WALLS CRAFTING | Some side notes to consider:

[1] Use the mouse wheel to rotate any item you try to position through the blue print system.

[2] To turn a fence into a gate, the wall must have at least the frames. Otherwise it won't give you the option.

[3] Wooden planks: Can be obtained by chopping down trees and crafting planks from the wooden logs by using a hacksaw or handsaw. You can also get them from the Lumber Piles that randomly spawn around construction areas, again by using a handsaw or a hacksaw.

[4] Metal Sheet: they spawn just like any other item. Those are more resistant to be destroyed but much heavier and harder to transport.

[5] In case you have made a mistake and want to reposition a wall, remember that you can always dismantle it from the inside, taking much less time and getting some of the materials used back.

WATCHTOWER CRAFTING | Some side notes to consider:

[1] You can´t turn a watchtower wall into a gate. You will need to build a wall in front of it.

[2] You don´t need to build the walls (or even the frames) in order to craft the roof/stairs. You can do it even without walls.

[3] You can´t build the metal roof in other lvl that is not the third and last one.

[4] You must build the roof / floor before building the stairs.

[5] You can build a platform just like with a regular wall

Wooden Piles represent one of the dynamic events in the game just like Helicopter Crashes and Police Car Crashes. This means that you will not always find them in the same places.

Penetration and consequent damage will be affected by the calibre, the type of wall (Metal/Wood) and of course the accuracy of the shooter. Keep in mind that in the new 1.10 base building destruction system you cannot destroy the combination locks nor the metal wire by shooting them. The lock will fall off by itself once any of the frames are destroyed, turning the gate into a wall.

In 1.08, the system of base destruction and raid was completely changed. The destruction is not tied to a specific animation anymore. Constructions now are damaged by impacts (Hits) creating a system between the base "health" and durability/quantity of tools or the ammunition required to destroy that base.

The graph shows the different amounts of bullets needed to destroy a portion of a wooden wall, metal wall or it frames at the same time as the amount of melee hits required (From from the weakest to the strongest method). These values can be slightly modified by the angle of shot and the distance, but they all stem from the mathematical calculation of the values provided by the updated game files.

The difference is slight but noticeable, mainly at a distance. It is simply an extra resource that can be used to avoid being noticed at night by NV devices. Keep in mind that there are now infected that can also spawn wearing Headtorches.

[*] Remember that, while using NVGs (Night Vision Goggles) you won´t be able to aim through a scope. This is an intended behaviour, not a bug.

My best advice is not to zoom into the night sky when looking for the Big Dipper. It's much easier to find it simply by looking at it with the regular view. Remember that Polaris (Northern Star) is just another star in the sky in the sense that is not bigger, brighter or different than the rest.

This chart shows the various damages produced by the different ammunition both in terms of health impact, shock damage and the possibility of making the target bleed. Please note that these are the "raw" values, without considering the multiple factors that have an impact in the final damage received (Hit zone, protection, distance and more). In DayZ the damage is mostly determined by the bullet (with some exceptions like the length of the barrel) and not by the weapon itself.

[*] Be aware that there are multiple factors involved with ammunition such as air friction, initial speed, calibre, penetration and more. Often the damage values are simple coefficients for later calculation and may seem inconsistent if you don´t consider how they work.

I highly recommend watching the following videos from WOBO to understand more about this projectile damages (Join the URL)

Video #1:

Video #2:

(By Wobo | @WOBOtweets |

Background Artwork Credit: @DrDeSync |

The weapons will not lose any hit power but they will become much less accurate and the shot will have more deviation and spread (Mainly with the sawed-off BK-43).

Also remember that, even after you saw your Mosin, you can still add the PU scope to it.

Related Video #1:

In other words, you can drop your backpack into the ground with multiple items inside so, if you die, you can always came back and pick it up again to that location. If one of your friends died in combat, always drag and drop their gear to the ground since equipment last longer than dead bodies.

Background Artwork Credit: @ThatTwitchLad |

There are many shortcuts to facilitate your inventory management such us:

> Mouse above item + Hold down quick access key = Assign quick access key

> Double Click over item in inventory = Place item in your hands

> Double Click over item in vicinity = Take item

> Ctrl + Click over item = Drop

> Dragging item + Space Bar = Rotate item

> Right click in memory slot = Delete memory slot

FLAG POLE CRAFTING | Some side notes to consider:

How does it work? The flag pole will unify the lifetime of all the items in a 60m range refreshing their persistence as long as the flag is raised. This means that if you see a low flag in a pole, the base may have been raided or abandoned.

Greenhouses have almost exclusively food and seeds in their interior. You can find things like vegetables, cans of food and seeds that will help you to survive in the absence of a better food source.

Finding the best possible gear against rain is quite subjective since some pieces of clothing could be amazing again water (like a Raincoat) but not so good to protect you from cold. I highly recommend you to check the tip about "Insultation" to have a rough idea on the best possible gear.

Once you find a Vaiga and a Drum mag try to save it just for raiding bases. By using 12ga Buckshots in it (which is a quite common kind of ammo, even around civilian areas) you can destroy walls pretty fast. The 12ga Buckshots are the type of ammunition that do the most damage to structures and perhaps one of the easiest to obtain.

Just use one of the Utility Buttpacks on your back and the other attached to your Assault Vest (Smersh Vest) to have two at the same time. Not only does it look great, but it allows you to carry two radios and in some modded server other attachments like canteens, bottles or even weapons.

Same happens with fruits, rocks and other items that are tied to player presence to those locations for a long period of time.